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best hamster cages

The selection of the hamster cages is enormously big today and, for that reason, it can be even harder to make the right choice when you decide to buy the best hamster cage for your little pet. Learn more about the types, approximate prices, and also about how to pick the best cage for your hamster based on its breed.

What Kind of Cage do Hamsters Need

Like any pet, hamsters require a safe and comfortable space for living. Generally, it means that a perfect cage will correspond the size of an animal, the ventilation will be proper as well, the bedding in such cage must be hypoallergic, and there are enough items in the new house to occupy the pet.

For the hamsters, it is vital that they have enough space, there are some toys to stay active, a comfortable place to sleep and eat. It is not a problem to buy a hamster cage today. However, it is a real challenge to get the best hamster cage that would become a sweet home for your favorite pet.

Types and Prices

Buying a home for your pet, you will see that there are several types of hamster cages. Specifically, there are wire-top cages, plastic tank cages, aquariums (or glass tank cages), and some people also prefer to buy wooden cages. Still, we will focus on the first three types as these are more common among the pet owners. A wire-top cage is the most popular choice among the buyers due to its affordable price.

The plastic cages are often filled with the tubes of different shapes and color giving the hamsters an opportunity to stay active all day long. It will cost you around $30 and more. The breeders prefer a wooden cage. Note that the wooden cages, as well as aquariums, are rather expensive and a quality product would cost you $100 and more.

How to Choose The Best One for Your Hamster?

So, you decided to buy a cage for your hamster. Which one will be best? We have talked above some key aspects that should be considered while choosing a home for the hamsters. However, there is one more thing to consider before your purchase of the best hamster cage.

best hamster cage

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of hamster kinds, and all they differ in terms of size, regime, and needs. Some of the most popular breeds include Dwarf Hamsters, Roborovski Hamsters, and Chinese Hamsters. These little fluffy pets have special needs when it comes to a place where they live. Below, you will find the characteristics of the best cages for the mentioned breeds.

Best Syrian Hamster Cages

The wire cages, plastic modular ones, and also glass tanks are the best types of cages for the Syrian hamsters. As any other gnawing animal, this hamster requires a home with proper ventilation, with a safe environment, some toys, and it should be constructed in such a way that the owner can quickly clean it.

Take care of the animal’s space: even though the hamsters are small, they are very active and always have to move around. So, if it’s a modular plastic cage, it’s better to take a bigger one as plastic tubes take much space. Typically, a cage should be 29.5 inches x 15.8 inches x 15.8 inches.

Make sure whether it has got everything to prevent the pet from escaping.

The toys, tubes, ladders contribute to the hamster’s healthy lifestyle and development.

Best Cages for Dwarf Hamsters

There are three species of dwarf hamsters, namely, Campbell’s dwarf hamster, Djungarian hamster, and also Roborovski hamster. Each of these has got some slight differences in their characteristics. However, the major requirements for the cages remain the same. Basically, large hamster cages are prioritized when it comes to the dwarf hamsters as they are especially active.


hamster cage

Plastic cages often go together with various tubes which is a plus for the active hamsters’ lifestyle. The environmentally friendly housing should also be safe. For instance, if it a wire cage, the space between all the wires should be appropriate so that the pet won’t be able to escape or, what is worse, get stuck. Take care of all the toys, wheels, ladders as well.

Best Cages for Roborovski Hamsters

A dwarf Roborovski hamster would feel comfortable in the cages 19.7 inches wide, 39.4 inches deep, and about 19.7 inches high. Keep in mind that Robo hamsters are impressively active and, therefore, the cage must be equipped with the wheel of a proper size. If the wheel is too big, it would be hard for the animal to move it.

Importantly, these little rodents tend to avoid wide open spaces, and thus, glass tanks are not the best choice. Still, it all depends on the specific item. Whether you decide to buy a wire-top or plastic cage, take care of the space inside of it as well: set some ladders, branches, tubes, and tunnels. Don’t forget about the safe size of the spaces between the cage’s wires, too.

Best Cages for Chinese Hamsters

Chinese hamsters are slightly bigger than other dwarf species. For that reason, you may look for either some wire-top cages, plastic cages, or glass tanks as any of these would be a good choice for the Chinese hamsters. The key moment here is that the best hamster cage must be large with enough space, structures, wheels, and tunnels. Keep in mind that Chinese hamsters prefer to live alone unlike Robo hamsters which oftentimes live in couples.

Even though these hamsters are slightly bigger than other dwarf hamsters, make sure that their new home is safe as well. For this breed, large hamster cages are recommended. Therefore, the minimal size of the cage is 9.7 inches wide, 39.4 inches deep, and about 19.7 inches high. Nevertheless, consider the bigger one for your pet.

Final Thoughts

To understand what is best in terms of housing for your little pet, it is worthy to check on the peculiarities of the breed. For sure, any hamster requires enough space as it is a highly active rodent, diverse items for some physical activity, and also a spot with enough air and light.

Whether you have got a Syrian hamster or a Chinese dwarf, make sure to buy a quality and large hamster cage that is, first of all, safe. The choice of hamster’s housing is huge, each of the cage types has got both pros and cons. Yet, knowing the peculiarities characteristic of the hamster’s breed, you will be able to buy the best cage for your pet.

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