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How to Choose the Right Automatic Fish Feeder?


Fishes are so easy to take care of but some people manage to fail such a simple task. And the most frequent cases usually involve food. Owners often forget to feed fishes. But the worst thing happens when the beginner decides that it’s okay to put several portions of food in the aquarium. It’s a huge mistake because fish doesn’t stop eating and ends up overeating and dying. That’s why an automatic fish feeder can be a real lifesaver.


Do You Need an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Ultimately, yes. It will set you in peace since you know that fish will get the food regardless of your memory skills. This device is especially useful if you’re a frequent traveler – there will be no need to bother someone to feed your fishes. Also, it will distribute the equal amount of kibble making sure your pets won’t over or undereat. Finally, the auto fish feeder creates a meal pattern which is always good to have.

Of course, fish feeders can fail. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the high-quality one and check it once in a while to spot any issues in its workflow. Another disadvantage is that there seem to be no models that disperse frozen fish food. So if you have species that don’t eat flakes or pellets, an automatic fish feeder is not for you.


How to Pick the Best Automatic Fish Feeder?

A vast variety of options can be overwhelming. But it gets much easier if you know what are you looking for.


How Much can a Food Chamber Contain?

It depends on the number and sizes of your fishes. The more fishes you have and the larger they are, the more food they need. And if you’re going to expand your fish family, it’s better to get a bigger food chamber now instead of getting a new device later. Also, if you’re going to travel for long, you might want to buy a larger automatic fish feeder.


The Capacity of the Battery

The best automatic fish feeder will be the one with long battery life and a display that shows the charge that’s left. Therefore, it’s better to invest more money and be sure your fishes won’t be left hungry due to battery failure.



Leaks and Ventilation

First of all, the food container shouldn’t let any moisture in. Otherwise, the kibble will get spoiled fast. Also, there should be decent ventilation, so that the food stays fresh and doesn’t rot. Check those aspects to be sure you are making the right choice.


Ease of Use

The best option is a feeder with a display that allows to set things up properly and see that everything is alright. Also, check how frequently will the feeder dispense the food – some do it only twice a day, and some feed fish up to ten times per day.


What Feeders are Good?

There are some models that are better for particular purposes. So here are quick reviews that will help you understand which one to choose.


EHEIM Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder

This feeder dispensed the food up to 8 times a day, has an excellent ventilation system, and an indicator of a battery level. Also, there is a display that simplifies the setup and allows to see the preferences. And the built-in fan will make sure the food stays dry and fresh.

This model can dispense different types of food, so if your fish requires a special kibble, it won’t be an issue.

eBo Automatic Feeder

It dispenses different kinds of food as well. However, its storage is a bit too small. So it’s a good option if you have just a couple of not-that-large fishes. The feeder is resistant to moisture and features a fan that keeps the food dry. It feeds fish up to four times per day and is easy to preset with the help of a digital display.


ADA Automatic Fish Feeder

This model is able to feed fishes only twice a day. Therefore, it is really easy to set up – pick a 12-hour or a 24-hour mode. The feeder comes with batteries that will last you up to six months which is great. It’s reliable, easy to use, and reasonably priced. However, if your fish need some complex feeding schedule, this model is not for you.

PROCHE Aquarium Fish Feeder

It’s a nice feeder with a digital display and a feeding frequency up to 4 times a day. It can dispense different kinds of food and has a slider that allows adjusting the capacity of the storage. This model is easy to use and versatile. Although, it has one major downside – poor ventilation system. So, it will be suitable for people who can change and refill the food container regularly.


The Verdict

To choose the right feeder, you should know how to feed your fishes properly. So first learn everything about their meal pattern and only then start searching for this device. Once you choose the suitable model, don’t forget to check it occasionally and fill the container with food. Also, keep an eye on the level of the battery charge to avoid unwanted consequences.

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