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One cannot deny that both human and animal’s health is closely connected not only with the general living conditions but also with food and nutrition. Qualitative products are that basis which provides longevity and protective functions of an organism against environmental challenges.

But how to choose the suitable nutrition plan and best cat food when the Internet is full of the ratings of cat’s food – dry, wet or canned? It is easy to get confused if you understand nothing about all these types of cat food, the differences between them and the pros and cons they all have.

Nonetheless, you are lucky because now you will see the most objective of all possible ratings of the best food for cats. Let’s consider types of ready-made feeds for cats, their advantages and shortcomings, structures and benefits for a pet.


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It is necessary to mention here to secure you from false confidence: nobody knows whether the ingredients cat food includes will be perfect for your pet. However, you can do your best to try several of them – canned, wet, dry, or natural – and to observe your cat’s reactions and tastes. But the main recommendation is, of course, to check the ingredients on a reverse side of packing.

Canned Cat Food

Let’s talk about canned cat food. In the perfect case, canned cat food has to contain meat ingredients, broth, vegetables or fruits, vitamins, and minerals. Advantages of this food imply its tastes (cats like it usually), tight packing (bacteria cannot immerse into packing contents if it is not damaged), a long period of storage (1-2 years in case of package integrity).


Canned cat food can be a good alternative for natural nutrition only if the producer does not add fragrances or preserving agents, and uses only qualitative products. By the way, one of the main disadvantages of canned cat food is that it cannot keep its freshness if the packing is opened. The food has to be put into a glass jar and stored in a fridge.

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Feed composition of the best canned cat food is various and rich. About 40% of the product should be natural components of animal origin. It can be meat, specialty meats, fish or different variations of their content. They are a source of essential proteins and other useful substances. Besides, as additional ingredients, this food for animals may contain rice, corn, potatoes or their mixes.

Wet Cat Food

Such food has smaller humidity in comparison with canned one. Therefore, if the cat eats it, it has to have continuous access to water. Mainly, wet food is issued in the form of pieces in jelly or sauce. The open package of food cannot be stored for a long time because it loses its organoleptic characteristics.


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The best wet cat food should be made from the latest scientific achievements in the field of veterinary science; therefore consumption of such food gives the chance to supply pet’s organism with necessary nutritious elements and substances.

One more type of cat food which needs to be considered is wet cat food. One package of such contains 85-100 grams of food that is one portion for one meal. Conscientious manufacturers make wet cat food from quality meat and other useful components.

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food represents the dried-up food ingredients (meat, cereals, vegetables, etc.); the amount of moisture in such food is minimal. If the cat has no opportunity to drink clear water after a meal, it will experience dehydration for sure. Many producers declare balance of such cat food; however, often feeding with dry food can lead to urolithic disease, diseases of kidneys, or stomach.


Advantages of such food are its availability, a long period of storage. Dry food requires the least of all owner’s efforts. The critical issue is, of course, to select the best dry cat food depending on age, the state of health, specific features of an organism.

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The best dry cat food should not contain either dyes or any other additives; it had to be balanced and efficiently consuming. It also helps to create in an organism ideal conditions for the safe course of the main physiological processes and reactions. Besides proteins, fats and lipids, important for cats, had to be balanced in such food to ensure the improvement of the main biological processes.

Natural Cat Food

First of all, it is rather difficult to create a balanced nutrition plan for your pet individually. The high-quality food for animals into account all norms necessary for the cat. Such “complex diet” is perfect for a pet’s organism, so, the formation of collateral substances, heavy for a gastrointestinal tract, is excluded. Moreover, you will be sure about the content of the cat’s meal.



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Depending on age and day regime of a cat, each meal should consist of vitamins and minerals which provide ideal functioning of the immune system. The disadvantage of natural products for cat food is that prepared dishes spoil quickly and demand knowledge, skills and time for cooking.

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