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Healthy Treat: The Best Bully Sticks For Dogs and Why You Need These

All the pet owners are aware of the dogs’ addiction to chewing everything that comes their way. How many shoes, leather bags, and pillows became toys of your dog? It seems that a lot if you are interested in an alternative chew. A bully stick (also known as pizzle sticks) has already become the bestseller among the pet owners while their dogs like the thing a lot!

What Is a Bully Stick

Favorite dog treats are made of high-quality free-range beef. The product is completely natural, rich in taurine and protein. What is more, it is a safe to chew. No wonder that the dogs like this treat! Today, the pet market has got a massive variety of products. There will be no problem with the choice. However, there is another issue: which one would become the best toy for your dog?

The bully sticks for dogs are a universal solution. They come in different sizes, shapes, and types. It doesn’t matter if you have a small dog or a huge one, there will be a proper stick for your pet for sure. Bully sticks is a high-quality product that is designed to entertain your dog any time it wants to chew something and play around.

What is the best bully stick for my dog?

Why People Choose Bully Sticks

Sure, you can pick some other chewing treatment for your dog, for instance, antlers or cooked bones. However, a caring owner should make a research on the content of the dog chews, as well as their safety. Let’s examine the advantages of the bully sticks. Hundreds of pet owners have already made their choice and choose the pizzle sticks due to several convincing pros over the rest of the items.

The owners should know that the quality bully stick is a 100% natural and toxin-free product. If you have any doubts, you can always check whether the product proved and recommended by a corresponding institution, for example, by USDA. Some chews may contain chemicals or artificial colorants in them, and it’s not right, while your pet can swallow some parts of the chew resulting in adverse outcomes.

As for the bully stick, its material is entirely digestible. It is worthy to note that such pizzle sticks are also useful in terms of teeth preventive care. In addition to this, it is said that the treatment is perfect for overweight dogs because of the percentage of protein in it. Keep in mind that the sticks contain minerals and vitamins for your pet-friend as well.

Things To Consider Choosing the Stick

The number one question among the buyers is concerned with the treat’s safety. You can be calm as for the safeness of the treatment as it doesn’t pose a choking hazard when it’s chosen wisely. The point is that people should always consider the size of their pet, as well as the size of the treatment before buying it.

Luckily, the pizzle sticks differ in sizes, thickness, and types. Everything for your beloved canine! The length of the sticks ranges from under 6 inches to 12-inch size. As for the thickness, you will find a thin, standard, thick, Jumbo, and Monster pizzle stick. The types include the following items: braided, straight, natural scent, specialty, and curly. In case if you hesitate, ask the consultant to help you with the choice.


So, you decided to introduce your dog to a new chew – a bully stick. Great! The first thing to do is to understand which size and shape would perfectly fit your dog. Remember that if the chew is too small or too big, your pet may choke. A lifehack for you –  the stick should be larger than a muzzle of the pet.

Finally, as you chose the best item, give it to your dog for no more than 10 minutes. Such amount time is enough for the first time, as your pet should get used to a new, high-protein chew. Otherwise, there might be some unpleasant outcomes, including diarrhea or vomiting. With time, the dogs will be able to spend more time with their new treat.

The Best Pizzle Sticks For Your Dog

Below, you can see some of the best bully sticks for your pet. Take these bestsellers into consideration while picking a chew for your dog. We prepared short reviews of the best chews from Patriot Pet, Pawstruck, Pet’s Choice Naturals, and Nature Gnaws.

Bully Sticks from Patriot Pet

This dog chew has almost no odor making it a good choice for the pet owner as well. Besides, it is a product that meets quality control standards. The good thing is that the Patriot Pet pizzle sticks last long comparing to rawhide, for instance. The item is not cheap; however, corresponds the price.

Bully Stick Variety Pack from Pawstruck

The pack is for the canines which appreciate variety! There are five types of the bully sticks in the package. The material of each of them is the natural beef of excellent quality. The sizes vary as well. In such a way, Pawstruck sticks suit the dogs of any size.

Bully Sticks 6″ Dog Treats from Pet’s Choice Naturals

The item is one of the bestsellers among the pet owners. No wonder! The chews are made of grass-fed cattle making it a proper high-protein treat for the dogs. Pet’s Choice Naturals is known for its 100% natural product. Besides, Bully Sticks 6″ Dog Treats do not contain chemicals or preservatives as well.


Small Bully Sticks from Nature Gnaws

These sticks are perfect for the dogs of small size and for those that are not that into chewing. Nature Gnaws takes care of your pet and offers only quality natural products without additives. Choosing the items from this brand is the right decision for the owners who think about their pet’s health. Keep in mind that the Small Bully Sticks contain no hormones.

Final Thoughts

A pizzle stick is a healthy alternative for your beloved pet if you are tired of torn slippers and pillows. Give your four-legged friend some excellent and natural chew! Such sticks are mostly odor-free, safe, and long-lasting. Consider the list of the best bully sticks provided above or consult with a veterinary to make the right choice.

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