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How to Choose the Best Bird Feeders: Pros and Cons of Each Type


It only seems like that it is easy to choose the best bird feeders. But reality overwhelms with the vast choice of option it offers. There are different kinds of feeders that, as brands claim, attract different types of birds. So which one is right for you? Let’s figure it out.

It is a truly magical feeling when you see birds flying to your bird feeder filling the surroundings with their beautiful singing. That’s why we’re always trying to choose the best bird feeders possible. And here we face the main issue – a huge variety of different kinds. Which one to pick? Which one is better for attracting specific species of birds? Let’s take a look at each kind and outline the features.

Hopper feeders

These are the best bird feeders if your goal is to attract as many different species as possible. It is a classic design you can fill with general bird seed mix. It has several advantages:

  • It protects the food from rain and snow;
  • You can fill it with a larger amount of seeds;
  • It has a lot of space for birds to sit;
  • Food is placed on the bottom, so it is comfortable for birds to eat.


So if you want to have a single bird feeder, the hopper is a perfect option.

Woodlink Hopper Bird Feeder

It is a perfect example of this classic design. The feeder is big enough to accommodate several birds at the same time. You can fold back the roof to put food into the feeder, and the mesh bottom will prevent seeds from getting spoiled. The feeder is made of recycled plastic, so it is rather durable. Unlike wood, plastic doesn’t rot because of snow and rain.

woodlink bird feeder

Tube feeders

It is a rather usual and well-spread design, too. Such feeders are shaped like tubes. There are several small holes and perches where birds can eat. You may choose different sizes of containers – from tiny ones you can hang on your window to big ones that will feed many birds. Tubes are easy to fill and place somewhere. And birds will enjoy using them.

Droll Yankees tube bird feeders

This stylish transparent tube will serve you for decades. It is very durable and backed with a lifetime warranty. It can hold up to one pound of bird food and is perfect for most cases. Holes are large enough to distribute different kinds of seeds so that you can attract various species of birds.


Nyjer or thistle seed feeders

This kind of feeders is created to distribute small black seeds called nyjer. They have tiny slits that won’t allow larger birds to eat from this feeder. Also, there usually are no perches – instead the feeder is made of a metal mesh. It means that birds will need to cling on it to get seeds. Therefore, these are the best bird feeders if you want to attract American Goldfinches or chickadees, for example.


Droll Yankees nyjer tube bird feeders

These squirrel proof bird feeders are one of the best you can find. The tube is made of durable, transparent plastic, and top and bottom are made of metal making it a pretty squirrel proof bird feeder. There are perches with tiny holes for seed distribution that help to lose little to no seeds. You can choose different sizes of tubes based on your preferences.


Tray Feeders

This is one of the most simple kinds of feeders, yet a simple tray filled with seeds works great. It’s natural for birds to eat has a lot of free space around them and enough visibility to spot predators. You can fill a platform with a desirable mix of seeds and monitor which birds will come to eat. And if you hang the tray not far from the ground or just place directly on it, you will attract critters as well.



Droll Yankers Tray Feeders

This elegant feeder will not only attract birds. It has all the chances of becoming a true art piece in your garden. And even though it looks fragile, it is extremely durable – polycarbonate plastic is almost impossible to destroy. The platform has lots of tiny holes that allow keeping seeds dry. Also, due to the simple design, you will clean this feeder without any efforts.


Nectar Feeders

If you want to attract hummingbirds and Orioles, this is your choice. With such kind of feeder, you will no doubt see these tiny adorable birds in your garden. The main thing you should check getting a nectar feeder is that it doesn’t leak. Otherwise, it will be quite useless.

The wide variety of options can confuse only if you don’t know what are you looking for. Once you figure out which birds do you want to see in your yard and how do you want your feeder to look, the only choice you’ll have to make is to pick the brand. And soon you will enjoy singing birds flying around your garden.

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